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Plumber Kills Elderly Customer with Fentanyl (video)

Shocking Murder Investigation: SoCal Plumber Poisons Elderly Customer with Fentanyl, Steals Victim’s Money

In a chilling turn of events, a Southern California plumber, already facing murder charges, is now accused of poisoning an elderly customer with fentanyl to steal his money. Robert Foster, a 38-year-old plumber, has been charged with the murder of 72-year-old Bill Levy of Granada Hills. The startling discovery came as prosecutors were preparing a case against Foster for a separate murder.

Discovery of a Sinister Plot

While investigating Foster’s alleged murder of his co-worker, 35-year-old Jose Velasquez, detectives uncovered suspicious banking activity linked to another victim, Bill Levy. Initially thought to have died of natural causes in January 2022, Levy’s body was exhumed, revealing that he had been poisoned with fentanyl.

Prosecutors had begun examining Foster’s bank records and noticed several suspicious transactions between Foster’s account and Levy’s account. Foster, employed by a large plumbing company, had been dispatched to Levy’s home multiple times, establishing a connection between them.

Financial Exploitation and Murder

Authorities revealed that after Levy’s death, Foster made numerous deposits from Levy’s account into his own. This financial activity, combined with the autopsy results, led investigators to conclude that Levy’s death was a homicide. Foster had allegedly taken ATM passwords, checks, and other financial instruments from Levy, using them for personal gain.

Foster’s criminal history includes serving time for manslaughter and assault with a deadly weapon in the early 2000s. This recent arrest adds to his already extensive criminal record.

Legal Proceedings

Foster was arrested for Levy’s murder this past Monday. The District Attorney’s office is now preparing to prosecute Foster for multiple counts of murder for financial gain, fraud, and other related crimes. This case raises serious questions about oversight and the need for thorough investigations into sudden or unexplained deaths.

Community Reactions

The community of Granada Hills is in shock over the revelations. Residents are concerned about the safety and trustworthiness of service professionals entering their homes. This case highlights the importance of vigilance and the need for thorough background checks for individuals in such positions.

As the investigation continues, authorities urge anyone with information related to Foster’s activities to come forward. This case underscores the potential dangers lurking behind seemingly routine service calls and the lengths some individuals will go to exploit vulnerable members of society.

For more detailed information, watch the full news report on YouTube: SoCal Plumber Poisoned Elderly Customer with Fentanyl.


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