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Shocking Racist Incident at High School Graduation (Video)

White Father Physically Assaults Black Superintendent

At a high school graduation ceremony, a white male father assaulted the black superintendent. The father did not want his daughter to shake hands with the black superintendent during the ceremony. This incident occurred publicly on stage, witnessed by many attendees.

Video Evidence of the Assault

The incident was captured on video, showing the father forcibly pulling the superintendent, Mr. Rainey Briggs, away from his daughter as she was about to receive a congratulatory handshake. Despite the presence of other staff and three police officers, none intervened immediately.

Background and Details of the Incident

According to local news, the father acted premeditatedly, as he disrupted the ceremony after his daughter received her diploma. He grabbed the superintendent, saying, “That’s my daughter.” Staff eventually intervened, and the man was escorted out of the building by police.

Legal Consequences and Public Reaction

The father has been charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor that typically does not result in a criminal record. The school district emphasized the safety and well-being of its community members in their response. The charge has been criticized as too lenient given the violent nature of the incident.

Tensions within the School District

The incident occurs amid ongoing tensions within the school district. A group of residents is attempting to recall the school board president, citing numerous grievances against the administration. Additionally, a past incident involving students from the same district posing with a Nazi salute has resurfaced, highlighting ongoing issues of racism and intolerance within the community.

Impact on the Student

The assault has drawn widespread attention and likely caused embarrassment and trauma to the daughter, overshadowing what should have been a celebratory occasion. The father’s actions have been widely condemned as selfish and inappropriate.


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