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Shocking Twist: DNA Test on Duct Tape Could Free Scott Peterson (video)

Scott Peterson, convicted in the highly publicized murder case of his wife, Laci Peterson, and their unborn son, Connor, in 2002, has seen a significant development in his ongoing legal battle.

Shocking Twist: DNA Test on Duct Tape Could Free Scott Peterson

A recent court hearing, spearheaded by the Los Angeles Innocence Project, has led to a judge approving a new DNA test on a critical piece of evidence while denying other requests. This article delves into the latest updates, the arguments presented, and the potential implications of this decision.

DNA Testing on Duct Tape Approved

In a major step forward, the judge approved DNA testing on a 15.5-inch piece of duct tape recovered from Laci Peterson’s pants during her autopsy.

This piece of evidence could potentially hold third-party DNA, which would be a significant step in proving Scott Peterson’s innocence. The director of the Los Angeles Innocence Project presented a compelling argument, emphasizing the need for further investigation into the deaths of Laci and Connor.

Arguments for Additional DNA Testing

Peterson’s defense team argued for new DNA testing on several other items, including a Target bag wrapped in duct tape found near the bodies and a bloodstain on a mattress from a van set on fire in Modesto two days after Laci disappeared.

They argued that favorable DNA evidence could alter the outcome of the trial. However, no direct evidence currently connects these items to Peterson.

Prosecution’s Counterarguments

A special prosecutor from Stanislaus County, who worked on the original case, countered these requests. He highlighted that DNA testing on the mattress in 2013 only found male blood and emphasized that the murder case had been fully adjudicated.

The prosecutor also pointed out that this was the third attempt by the defense to revisit the case, urging the court to consider the extensive evidence already examined.

Focus on Peterson’s Behavior

The hearing also brought attention to Scott Peterson’s behavior and actions leading up to and following Laci’s disappearance.

The prosecution underscored Peterson’s numerous lies, including misleading his new girlfriend, Amber Frey, about his marital status and researching tide charts for San Francisco Bay, where Laci and Connor’s bodies were eventually found. These actions, according to the prosecution, reinforced Peterson’s guilt.

Denial of Other DNA Tests

Despite the defense’s efforts, the judge denied new DNA testing for other pieces of evidence, including twine found on Connor’s neck. The judge noted that there were no injuries on Connor’s body and maintained that the existing evidence had already been thoroughly examined.

Upcoming Hearing

The case continues to unfold, with the next court hearing scheduled for July 15th to address issues related to discovery. This ongoing legal battle underscores the complexities of the Peterson case and the persistent efforts by both the defense and prosecution to seek justice.


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