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Shoplifter Resists Arrest Dragged From Mall (video)

On April 6th, 2022, a dramatic incident unfolded at a mall when officers responded to a call from a retailer requesting the removal of a disruptive customer. The customer, identified as Jasmine, had not stolen anything but was causing a disturbance, prompting store management to ask her to leave.

Security head Danny explained the situation to the responding officers. Despite being informed that the store had the right to ask her to leave, Jasmine resisted, leading to a tense confrontation. Officers issued her a trespass warning, but Jasmine dismissed it, claiming she would return to the store.

As Jasmine exited, a security alarm was triggered by her bag. When officers requested to search it, Jasmine resisted, leading to a physical altercation. She refused to let go of her bag and became increasingly aggressive, even attempting to bite one of the officers. This resistance resulted in her being restrained and handcuffed.

Upon searching her bag, officers found stolen merchandise, including underwear hidden in her pocket. Despite being repeatedly instructed to stop resisting, Jasmine continued to struggle and verbally assault the officers, resulting in additional charges.

Throughout the incident, Jasmine demanded to call her father, who had dropped her off at the mall. The officers promised to call him once she was in the patrol car, provided she cooperated. However, her continued resistance necessitated the officers to physically drag her out of the mall.

This incident highlights the challenges faced by law enforcement in handling uncooperative individuals and underscores the importance of de-escalation tactics and proper restraint techniques to ensure the safety of all parties involved.


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