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Students Ready to Be Arrested Over UofT Encampment (video)

The University of Toronto has recently taken action against a group of protesters who have been occupying King’s College Circle for the past three weeks.

Students Ready to Be Arrested Over UofT Encampment

University President Meric Gertler has finally issued a statement and taken steps to address the encampment, which has been a source of controversy and disruption on campus.

University President’s Statement

President Gertler, previously criticized for his silence on the issue, has declared that the university will not tolerate the ongoing encampment.

In his statement, he emphasized the university’s commitment to academic freedom and international partnerships, specifically rejecting demands to cut ties with Israeli universities. Gertler stated, “The university will not terminate any partnerships with Israeli universities or attempt to curtail scholars’ academic freedom in any way.”

Trespass Notices Issued

The university has issued trespass notices to the protesters, giving them 24 hours to vacate the premises. As of the 23-hour mark, these notices had not yet been enforced.

The notices indicate that if the protesters do not leave, the university will take legal action, including involving law enforcement if necessary. The trespass notices prohibit the protesters from entering King’s College Circle and setting up unauthorized tents or remaining on the property between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.

Protesters’ Response

The encampment, initially named “Little Gaza” and later rebranded multiple times, has been a hub for demonstrations and expressions of solidarity with Palestine.

Some students, like UFT student Sate Simek, have declared their willingness to be arrested for the cause. Simek stated, “This encampment will stay. If one is destroyed, another will arise.”

Legal and Academic Implications

The university’s stance on the issue underscores its dedication to maintaining academic freedom and fostering global collaboration.

President Gertler’s statement highlighted that actions such as academic boycotts would conflict with these values. The university’s decision to issue trespass notices aligns with its policies and legal obligations to maintain order and safety on campus.

Next Steps

As the deadline for the trespass notices approaches, it remains to be seen how the university will enforce its ultimatum. The upcoming convocation ceremonies add urgency to the situation, as the university will need to clear the area and prepare for these events.

Whether the university will call in the Toronto Police Service to remove the protesters is still uncertain.

Community Reactions

The encampment and the university’s response have elicited strong reactions from various stakeholders.

Some students and community members support the protesters’ cause, while others believe the encampment disrupts campus life and academic activities. The use of terms like “Hitler youth movement” and “Hamas hobos” in reference to the protesters has also sparked controversy and criticism.


The University of Toronto’s decision to issue trespass notices marks a significant development in the ongoing protest at King’s College Circle. As the situation evolves, the university must balance its commitment to academic freedom with the need to maintain order and uphold legal standards.


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