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Talenthouse Launch Ground Breaking Platform in Partnership with NOKIA, adidas eyewear & vitaminwater ® Liberating Artists through Leading Edge Technology

talenthouseTalenthouse, in partnership with NOKIA, adidas eyewear and glacéau vitaminwater ®, launches a groundbreaking platform that enables the global creative community to make money every time their work is shared across popular social networks. Through brand sponsored ‘Member Creative Invites’ and ‘Portfolios’ Talenthouse has pioneered a way for artists from all creative disciplines to make money from creating and sharing.Maya Bogle, Talenthouse Co-founder says “Talenthouse has built a platform that shifts a positive change in digital and social media marketing, driving high quality engagement and content creation across the globe.”By sponsoring creatives and their content, brands will extend their connections, social conversations,newsfeed reach and content marketing via Talenthouse’s viral sharing technology.”Our partnership with Talenthouse enables NOKIA to directly support creative projects, giving creatorsthe tools to make the right connections”, says Craig Hepburn, Global Director, Digital & Social Media. “We are excited to be part of this innovative platform launch and believe this will positively transform the creative industry and democratize content creation & brand advocacy.””We’re thrilled to be part of a movement that offers creators the opportunity to connect and engage with other creators around the world,” says Rana Kardestuncer, Director of Communications and Assets, vitaminwater. “Our role is to help them throughout their creative journey, and enable them to do what they do best.”With over two million members participating in creative collaborations across film, fashion, music, art, design and photography, Talenthouse drives peer-to-peer sharing of branded content by seamlessly weaving brands into conversations on the social web.”As a founder partner of the new Talenthouse platform, it’s very exciting that adidas eyewear can now support creativity on a broader level and help provide a stage for great talent. Who knows what opportunities will be initiated as creators share and engage in order to receive financial support. This is the start of a new movement.” – Ben Ashlin, Global Marketing Director, adidas eyewearFOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO:


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