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Teen Accused of Attempting $28 Million Scam Against Government (Video)

Teenager Arrested for Alleged $28 Million Scam

An 18-year-old teenager has been arrested for allegedly attempting to scam the government out of $28 million. The young suspect, Charles Turner, was apprehended following an investigation by the South Fulton Police and the Georgia Department of Revenue.

Fraudulent Transactions Uncovered

Authorities uncovered that Turner allegedly engaged in pricey fraudulent transactions. These illegal activities were executed online and involved multiple South Fulton banks.

Scam Methodology

Turner’s scam reportedly involved overpaying with a holding account for a fake business he created. He then attempted to secure a refund from the Georgia Department of Revenue.

Police Investigation and Arrest

The investigation culminated in a search of Turner’s home by the South Fulton Police and the Georgia Department of Revenue, leading to his arrest. The crimes came to an end yesterday with his apprehension.

Previous Warrants

Further investigation revealed that Turner was already wanted on other charges before this incident came to light.


Charles Turner faces serious charges following his arrest for attempting to defraud the government out of $28 million through an elaborate online scam involving fake businesses and fraudulent transactions.


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