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That Time the Other Mayor Got Caught Smoking Crack (video)

In the annals of political scandals, few stories are as startling and infamous as that of Toronto’s late former mayor, Rob Ford. On a fateful day in February 2013, a video surfaced, altering the course of Ford’s political career and personal life. The video, recorded in secret, depicted Ford engaging in a shocking act—smoking crack cocaine. This minute-long footage captured Ford lighting and inhaling from a crack pipe while making incoherent remarks about kids, minorities, and his own radical right-wing reputation. The release of this video to the public on a Thursday, three years after it was recorded, marked a significant moment in Canadian political history.

The Scandal Unfolds: Rob Ford’s Denial and Admission

Initially, Ford vehemently denied any allegations of crack cocaine use. When reports of the video first emerged, he stood firm in his denials, insisting that he had never used the substance. However, as more evidence came to light, Ford’s defenses began to crumble. Facing mounting pressure and undeniable proof, Ford’s admission to substance abuse stunned the city of Toronto and the world. In a bid to address his issues, Ford entered a two-month rehabilitation program, acknowledging that his addiction had spiraled out of control.

The Video’s Journey: From Evidence to Public Release

The video remained out of the public eye for years, locked away as evidence in a court case against Alexander Lisi, Ford’s former driver and close friend. Lisi faced an extortion charge for attempting to retrieve the cellphone containing the damning footage. According to reports by the CBC, the case concluded with the charges against Lisi being dropped. In a plea deal, Lisi agreed to a peace bond, promising not to contact the men he allegedly extorted. This resolution finally allowed the video to be released, providing a stark reminder of the scandal that had rocked Toronto’s political landscape.

Rob Ford’s Tumultuous Tenure as Mayor

Rob Ford’s time as mayor was marred by a series of erratic behaviors and controversial incidents. Despite the turmoil, Ford remained a resilient figure in Toronto politics. Even after his term as mayor ended, he continued to serve as a city councilor. Tragically, Ford’s life was cut short by an aggressive form of cancer. Diagnosed with malignant liposarcoma in September 2014, Ford battled the disease with courage and determination. Despite undergoing surgery and multiple rounds of chemotherapy, the cancer persisted, ultimately claiming his life in March 2016.

International Attention and Personal Struggles

Ford’s tumultuous tenure as mayor and his personal struggles with addiction garnered international attention. His admission to smoking crack cocaine, purchasing illegal drugs, and driving under the influence made headlines worldwide. Videos of Ford in various states of inebriation, spewing profanities, racial slurs, and threats of violence, painted a stark picture of a man grappling with severe personal demons. Yet, despite widespread calls for his resignation, Ford remained defiant. His decision to enter rehabilitation in May 2014 was a pivotal moment, signaling his acknowledgment of the need for help. Emerging from rehab two months later, Ford appeared healthier and expressed regret for not seeking treatment earlier.

A Complex Legacy: Rob Ford’s Impact on Toronto

Rob Ford’s story is one of stark contrasts. He was a man who inspired both admiration and controversy. Known for his blunt demeanor and passionate advocacy for taxpayers, Ford left an indelible mark on Toronto’s political landscape. His successor, John Tory, recognized Ford’s deep convictions and commitment to public service, offering condolences upon Ford’s passing. Ford’s legacy is complex; he was a tireless advocate for his constituents, yet his personal struggles often overshadowed his political achievements.

A Battle with Cancer: Ford’s Final Struggle

Ford’s battle with malignant liposarcoma, a rare and aggressive cancer, underscored the challenges he faced beyond the political arena. Despite undergoing extensive treatment, including surgery and chemotherapy, the cancer proved relentless. Ford’s resilience in the face of such adversity was a testament to his character. His death at the age of 46 marked the end of a turbulent chapter in Toronto’s history.

Remembering Rob Ford: A Legacy of Controversy and Dedication

In remembering Rob Ford, one cannot ignore the scandal that defined much of his public life. The release of the infamous crack-smoking video served as a poignant reminder of the complexities and contradictions that characterized Ford’s tenure. While his political career was fraught with controversy, Ford’s unwavering dedication to his constituents and his role as a father and husband remain integral parts of his story. His journey, marked by highs and lows, leaves a legacy that continues to spark debate and reflection.


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