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The Real Story Behind Rising U.S. Homeownership Costs (video)

In a recent survey conducted by real estate brokerage firm Redfin, it has been revealed that almost half of Americans are finding it difficult to meet their housing payments.

The Real Story Behind Rising U.S. Homeownership Costs
The Real Story Behind Rising U.S. Homeownership Costs (video) 2

This alarming statistic highlights the ongoing financial strain experienced by many households across the country. The survey provides a detailed look at the sacrifices people are making to ensure they can keep a roof over their heads.

Financial Sacrifices

According to the survey, 49% of Americans are struggling to make their monthly housing payments. The financial sacrifices reported by these individuals include:

  • Skipping Vacations: Many are forgoing their annual trips and leisure activities to save money.
  • Skipping Meals and Medical Treatments: Some individuals are cutting back on essential needs such as food and healthcare.
  • Selling Belongings: To generate extra cash, people are selling their personal items.
  • Dipping into Retirement Savings: A significant number of millennials are withdrawing funds from their retirement accounts to cover housing costs.
  • Borrowing Money: 20% of those struggling have borrowed money from family or friends to help meet their housing payments.

Impact of Mortgage Rates

One of the critical factors contributing to the housing payment struggles is the rise in mortgage rates. A few years ago, mortgage rates were around 3%, making housing more affordable.

However, recent home buyers are now dealing with mortgage rates of approximately 7%. This significant increase has made it challenging for many to manage their monthly payments.

Renters Facing Hardships

Renters appear to be facing even greater challenges. The survey highlights that rent prices have increased by nearly 6% compared to the previous year.

Unfortunately, most individuals did not receive a corresponding 6% raise in their income, exacerbating their financial difficulties.

Economic Factors

The broader economic context also paints a bleak picture. The average American household earns about $30,000 less than what is needed to afford a median-priced home.

Additionally, total credit card debt in the U.S. surpassed a trillion dollars for the first time last year. These factors indicate the extent of financial pressure on American households.

Possible Relief

There is a glimmer of hope on the horizon as economists speculate that the Federal Reserve might cut interest rates in June. If this happens, it could provide some relief to homeowners and renters alike by potentially lowering borrowing costs and easing some financial strain.


The survey conducted by Redfin sheds light on the significant financial challenges faced by nearly half of American households in managing their housing payments. From dipping into retirement savings to borrowing money, many are making considerable sacrifices to stay afloat.

The rising mortgage and rent rates, coupled with stagnant incomes and increasing debt, have created a tough financial environment for many.

As we await potential relief from the Federal Reserve, it remains critical to understand and address the root causes of these financial hardships.


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