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The Tragic Passing of Levi Wright: A Heartbreaking Loss for the Wright Family (Video)


The Wright family is mourning the loss of their three-year-old son, Levi Wright. Levi was the son of rodeo star Spencer Wright and his wife, Cie Wright. The tragic incident that led to his death has deeply impacted the family and the community.

Incident Overview

Two weeks prior to his passing, Levi accidentally drove his toy tractor into a river in Utah. According to a statement from the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office on May 21st, First Responders located Levi and performed life-saving measures on the scene before transporting him to a local hospital. Levi was later airlifted to a children’s hospital for further care, where he remained in critical condition.

Medical Efforts and Family’s Decision

Despite initial updates indicating some improvement in Levi’s condition, including waking up from a coma, his health remained precarious. After extensive research, sleepless nights, and consultations with top neurologists, Cie Wright shared on Facebook the family’s difficult decision to take Levi off life support on June 2nd. In her post, she described the emotional and challenging journey the family endured.

Heartfelt Goodbye

Cie expressed the family’s sorrow and acceptance of their decision, noting that Levi’s brief signs of recovery allowed them time to come to terms with the inevitable. She reflected on Levi’s strength and the unity he brought to people across the nation during his final days.

A Family’s Grief

Cie and Spencer Wright, who also have two other children, 5-year-old Steely and 9-year-old Beret, are heartbroken by Levi’s passing. In her emotional post, Cie emphasized the profound impact Levi had on their lives and the immense loss they feel every day.


The Wright family’s devastating loss of their young son, Levi, has touched many hearts. They will continue to cherish his memory and the moments they shared, finding solace in knowing they made the best decision for him.


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