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Black Mayor Tiffany Henyard Criticized for Credit Card? (video)

Tiffany Henyard, the Mayor of Dalton and Thornton Township Supervisor faced scrutiny from local media regarding her use of the township’s credit card.

Tiffany Henyard Fights Back Against Finance Allegations!

A FOX 32 report highlighted concerns over expenditures related to travel and other expenses. The investigation comes at a crucial time as Henyard’s mayoral re-election approaches next year.

Town Meeting Details

In response to the allegations, Henyard convened a “Township Talk” meeting in South Holland, attended by about 30 residents and hired staff.

The meeting primarily addressed the township’s financial status and property taxes. Henyard showcased a financial turnaround, stating that the township moved from a $2 million deficit to a $6 million surplus under her leadership.

Financial Transparency and Community Support

During the meeting, Henyard emphasized transparency and community engagement. She discussed the township’s fiscal improvements and upcoming community events.

Supporters at the meeting praised her efforts, especially towards senior citizens and those on fixed incomes, labeling her as the “best mayor ever.”

Allegations of Misappropriation

The controversy stems from a FOX 32 report a day prior, which accused Henyard of misappropriating funds for a U.S. Conference of Mayors trip.

The report alleged that over $9,100 was spent on conference payments, plane tickets, and hotel accommodations, charged to the Thornton Township credit card. Critics argued this lacked transparency.

Henyard’s Defense

In her defense, Henyard did not specifically address the Washington trip expenses but spoke on budget allocations for travel, insisting all expenditures were legal.

She accused her critics of running a smear campaign against her due to the upcoming election.

FBI Investigation

Amid these controversies, the FBI continues its investigation into Henyard and her administration in Dalton, further complicating her political standing as the election year looms.


Mayor Tiffany Henyard continues to defend her administration’s financial practices amidst ongoing scrutiny and an FBI investigation.

As her re-election approaches, the community remains divided with supporters lauding her transparency and critics questioning her financial management.


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