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Tiffany’s Struggle with Meth Addiction: A Story of Violence and Erratic Behavior (Video)


This story follows Tiffany, a 25-year-old from Escondido, whose nine-year battle with meth addiction has led to violent and erratic behavior. Despite her claims of control over her drug use, her addiction has severely impacted her life and relationships.

Initial Signs of Addiction

Tiffany initially experienced euphoria and a sense of problem-solving ability from using meth. She believed she could control her usage, often claiming she could stop whenever she wanted and would assert that she had been clean for four days. However, her physical appearance and behavior told a different story, with noticeable self-inflicted injuries and erratic actions.

Impact on Family Relationships

Tiffany’s addiction strained her relationship with her family. Her mother, who observed the changes in her daughter, noted the drastic difference in Tiffany’s appearance and demeanor. Her addiction led to violent outbursts, including physical abuse towards her mother, which ultimately resulted in her being banned from the family home.

Turning to Drug Dealing

To support her addiction, Tiffany began dealing drugs, constantly monitored by law enforcement. She admitted to preferring the escapism drugs provided over dealing with the realities of life.

A Loving Yet Strained Family Bond

Tiffany’s grandparents, who had always supported and cherished her, found it increasingly difficult to cope with her addiction. They remembered her as a beautiful, popular girl with a bright future. The divorce of her parents and subsequent tumultuous family dynamics contributed to her downward spiral.

Trauma and Broken Trust

Tiffany harbored a traumatic secret for many years, which she eventually disclosed to her mother. Instead of handling it privately, her mother shared the information with other family members, causing a deep rift and loss of trust between them.

Motherhood and Temporary Recovery

Becoming a mother to her son, David, temporarily halted Tiffany’s drug use. The birth of her son brought her immense joy and a sense of purpose. However, the relationship with her son’s father was abusive, further complicating her struggle to stay clean.

Grandparents’ Unwavering Support

Throughout her addiction, Tiffany’s grandparents remained her primary support system, despite the challenges. They frequently provided her with money and support, hoping she would seek rehabilitation.

Intervention and Resistance

Tiffany’s family organized an intervention with the help of a professional interventionist, Candy Finnigan. Despite their efforts, Tiffany resisted the intervention, accusing them of trying to make her react for television and denying her current drug use.


Tiffany’s battle with meth addiction continues to affect her life and the lives of those around her. Her family’s attempts to help her, though met with resistance, highlight the ongoing struggle and the hope that she will eventually seek the treatment she needs.


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