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Timbaland Works with NFT Inventor to Create the NFT Producer Mix Series

Timbaland and the inventor of NFTs, Kevin McCoy, collaborate to introduce a groundbreaking collection of NFTs based on his upcoming EP, Opera Noir

(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Timbaland is collaborating with Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, who pioneered the NFT format and whose artwork is collected by museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the MOMA.

Using Monegraph’s Readymade NFT eCommerce Platform, Timbaland has created a series of Music NFTs composed of stems, hooks, and beats from his upcoming EP, Opera Noir. The accompanying artwork by the McCoys is inspired by DJ and studio equipment of the 1970s.

Named the NFT Producer Mix Series, each song from the Opera Noir EP will have 5 to 8 different Music NFTs editioned differently based on the uniqueness of the music elements and totaling approximately 50 – 90 digital collectibles per song.

Collectors of multiple Opera Noir NFTs will be provided with an online mix board to create their own designs with the Timbaland beats and imagine the vibe of the full-length songs when released in 2022. The first Music NFTs for Opera Noir are from the tracks “Aphrodite” and “BMW” and will go on auction on November 2nd with a launch party in New York City during the NYC.NFT Conference. Timbaland has pledged a portion of the collection to be given to fans for free.

Music NFTs are now part of our business. They offer musicians a new way to express themselves and interact with fans,” said Timbaland. “Critical to our industry is the ability to implement the same media rights protection we have in other formats such as streaming, with what we do now in NFTs.

With Monegraph’s digital rights controls we now have the intellectual protection needed to safely scale the issuance of NFTs across the music world.”

The Readymade NFT eCommerce Platform, offered by Monegraph, is software that provides online tools for NFT marketplace owners to operate fully branded eCommerce experiences for signature crypto art and music collections.

Digital assets are minted using Monegraph’s patented digital rights control and protection technology named xDRC. At present, this NFT infrastructure toolset is already being used by museums and auction houses and now independent musicians and labels are able to launch their self-managed NFT marketplaces within only a few days. The platform supports multiple blockchains including energy-efficient alternatives such as Polygon.

Kevin McCoy said regarding the collaboration, “We are thrilled to respond to this music celebrating the origins of R&B with algorithmically driven visuals. It’s exciting to take our art and technology practice and partner with Timbaland to introduce this groundbreaking Music NFT collection.”

Monegraph provides the tools and understanding to make digital assets successful for creators and their communities. The company was founded in 2014 by Kevin McCoy, the inventor of the NFT concept.

The company’s Readymade NFT eCommerce Platform offers brands and their creators the ability to rapidly launch and operate their own crypto marketplaces, supported by the preeminent digital rights protection technology.

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