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Tragic Incident: Four Charged in the Murder of MS Woman (Video)


In a deeply unsettling case, four individuals, including two juveniles, have been arrested and charged in connection with the fatal shooting of 34-year-old Brenda Miller in Tunica, Mississippi. The incident has left the local community in shock and mourning.

Discovery of the Victim

On Monday night at 11 PM, deputies responded to a call at Tunica Courts Apartments where they discovered Brenda Miller, who had been shot while sitting in a vehicle. The initial response from law enforcement revealed a tragic scene, prompting a swift investigation.

Suspects Identified

The suspects involved in the murder have been identified and charged. Two adults, both 21 years old, Equatanyon Spears and Jalen Carter, are facing murder charges. Additionally, two juveniles, 16-year-old Dashawn Claybourne and 17-year-old Jaylon Likedeal, are being charged as adults for their involvement in the shooting.

Personal Connection

Brenda Miller’s daughter, who wishes to remain anonymous, disclosed that some of the suspects are her age and even former classmates, highlighting the personal and community ties affected by this crime.

Witness Accounts

A neighbor, who experienced the terrifying incident firsthand, described the chilling moment when gunshots rang out near his home. He and his family immediately sought cover, emphasizing the danger and fear felt by those in the vicinity.

Community Impact

The incident has sparked fear among witnesses who knew both the victim and the suspects, fearing potential retaliation if they speak out. This case underscores the growing concern over violence in the community and its far-reaching impact.


The arrest and charging of these four individuals mark a significant step in seeking justice for Brenda Miller. However, the trauma and fear left in the wake of this violent act continue to resonate within the Tunica community.


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