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Triple Murder Case: Killer Confesses (Video)

Initial Discovery

On a fateful day, a 911 call was received, prompting dispatch to send officers to Amity Route One. The call reported a child with a severe back wound. Upon arrival, the trailer was dark. Inside, officers found significant blood on the couch. In a bedroom, they discovered a deceased child. Another officer found an adult male body under an old chicken coop, in an odd position suggesting an attempt to escape. A third body was located in tall grass in the driveway, with numerous stab wounds and a severe throat gash, nearly decapitating him. Three beer bottles were found at the scene, raising questions about the presence of a third person.

Investigation and Leads

Bob Stout and his wife, neighbors of the victims, expressed minimal emotion when informed of the murders, which struck the officers as odd. With no immediate leads, the investigation took days to yield a clue. A caller reported seeing smoke near the scene, leading investigators to find Jeffrey Ryan’s pickup truck burned in a wooded clearing. A witness reported seeing a maroon pickup truck, resembling Bob Stout’s, near where Jeff’s truck was found, with Bob and a young male inside. Further investigation revealed Bob Stout had traveled to New Hampshire post-murder, ostensibly to drop off a person referred to as “TH.”

Breakthrough in the Case

Upon questioning, Bob Stout admitted TH, or Thayne Ormsby, was staying with him at the time of the murders. TH’s DNA and fingerprints matched those found on a beer bottle at the crime scene. During interrogation, Ormsby initially feigned ignorance but eventually confessed. He detailed how he biked to the victims’ home, covered in blood, and confessed to Stout about the murders.

Confession Details

Ormsby described his premeditated plan to kill Jeff Ryan and leave no witnesses, which tragically included Jason and 10-year-old Jesse Ryan. He admitted to killing Jeff outside and then, driven by fear and the need to finish what he started, killed Jason and Jesse inside the house. Ormsby claimed his motive was to test himself, likening the murders to a soldier’s mission.


Thayne Ormsby was convicted of the murders of Jeffrey Ryan, Jesse Ryan, and Jason Dehahn. He received three consecutive life terms plus 15 years for arson. The court acknowledged the irreparable loss suffered by the victims’ families, expressing solemn duty in delivering justice.


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