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Eliza Rose’s “Better Love” Single

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One of last year’s biggest breakout dance acts to emerge from the UK scene, Eliza Rose returns to share her highly anticipated “B.O.T.A.” follow-up called “Better Love”. Produced by Mura Masa, this uplifting and giddy garage single premiered this morning by Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 and is featured on New Music Daily on Apple Music.

The track lands just in time for spring – a sunshine bubbler to drive to with the roof down, Eliza Rose gives listeners a pure unadulterated reason to bounce and bop, showcasing her songwriting skill and mesmerizing vocals.

Speaking on the single, Eliza Rose says:

“I wanted to create something a little bit different from “B.O.T.A”. Garage was one of my first introductions into electronic music so it was really important to me to have it represented in my repertoire.

I speak a lot about my British working class background, and with garage being a British genre I wanted to simultaneously shine a light of these different parts of me, using idioms and sayings like “in for a penny, out for a pound”.

I love English Literature and storytelling, and I know everyone can relate to stories of love and heartbreak so I wanted to explore both my vulnerability and modern feminine power. Ladies we cannot be taken for an eediat!” 

In collaboration with her creative director Jeanie Crystal, the video dropping alongside the track sees Eliza continue to shine a light on her hometown, championing and telling the stories of those from her East London community.

Starring the cockney Pearly Kings and Queens of London – an organized charitable tradition of working-class culture in London – the video was shot across classic London landmarks. The perfect visual texture to the track, nothing but good vibes are portrayed in the final party scene inside the pub, with Eliza casting her real-life friends and family. 

On the single artwork hand painted by artist Conor Murgatroyd, we see a depiction of Eliza Rose, her mother, and nephews in a brightly colored room in East London, donned in a distinctive suit covered with patterns of mother-of-pearl buttons.

A case of vinyl in the background with a Jamaican flag on the player, we are reminded of the beauty in her duality of identity as a Black British woman with Jamaican heritage, born and raised in East London.


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