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Underwood’s ‘I Want to Apologize’ to Middleton + Sigler-Applegate Podcast

Jamie-Lynn Sigler has ‘sensitivity for Kate [Middleton]’; Sheryl Underwood says ‘I want to apologize’

Underwood's 'I Want to Apologize' to Middleton + Sigler-Applegate Podcast

Monday on “The Talk” hosts and guest co-host Jamie-Lynn Sigler discuss Princess Kate’s recent health announcement.
Sigler, who is living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), shares, “I have a sensitivity for Kate in this situation, obviously I wasn’t dealing with a global presence per say, but to come to terms with a health situation, to have to deal with your family and yourself and what your feelings are about it is deeply personal. And quite frankly, it’s nobody’s business until you’re ready to share.

And for me, I lived with MS for 16 years until I felt like I was strong and in a place where I could share about it. I hope it’s a lesson for society in general, just because you’re a public figure, you don’t owe all of your information.”

Amanda Kloots adds, “Princess Kate, I feel like we owe her an apology. I feel like she was bullied into saying what she said.” Sheryl Underwood adds, “I felt ashamed…I contributed to the conversation. And I want to apologize to Princess Kate personally on my behalf…I want her to forgive me, because I am ashamed of myself and I’m a grown woman, and I should have had a little bit more discretion.”

Jamie-Lynn Sigler Opens Up About ‘MeSsy’ Podcast with Christina Applegate: ‘we really help each other’
“The Talk” guest co-host Jamie-Lynn Sigler discusses her new podcast “MeSsy” with Christin Applegate. She shares, “So Christina and I have known each other through the years, but when she was diagnosed with MS [Multiple Sclerosis] about three years ago, we were put in touch by a mutual friend…she was just asking me for advice…Through that our friendship continued to blossom.

and we had these hour-long, two-hour long phone conversations. I had lived with MS for 22 years at that point and I had never spoken to anybody intimately that had lived with the disease. We developed this bond. And she called me one day and she said, I think we should record these conversations. And that’s all they are.

They are just conversations between the two of us being really honest and vulnerable about life, about what we deal with…she’s new to this diagnosis, and I have two decades behind me, and we have two different perspectives, yet we really help each other. And we’ve had amazing guests, we have Edie Falco this week who played my mother in ‘Sopranos’ and we talk about our relationship and things that we weren’t able to say to each other back then.

And we have Martin Short, there’s an hour long where Christina and him are laughing and remembering times they’ve worked together. At the end of it I was able to say to her, ‘Great, you just had 60 minutes of remembering who you are without MS.’ We’re just taking you on this ride with us.”


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