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Student Adopts Baby Left in Trash (Video)

In 2017, a Texas State University student named Jimmy Amisial discovered a four-month-old baby abandoned in a trash pile while visiting his family in Haiti over the New Year.

How a Texas State Student Rescued and Adopted a Baby from Haiti

The baby, whom he later named Emilio Angel Jeremiah, was found in distressing conditions, crying and covered in fire ants.

Discovery and Initial Rescue

Jimmy, who was studying communications at Texas State University, was in Haiti when he came across Emilio.

Locals, influenced by superstitions, were hesitant to touch the baby, fearing bad luck. Despite the risks and his lack of resources, Jimmy did not hesitate to rescue Emilio. He later described the decision as a leap of faith.

Legal Guardianship and Challenges

Shortly after the rescue, Haitian authorities and a judge visited Jimmy’s family home to discuss the baby’s future. At just 22 years old, Jimmy was asked if he wanted to become Emilio’s legal guardian.

He accepted, knowing the financial and personal challenges this would entail. This decision required him to take a break from his studies to focus on supporting Emilio.

Adoption Process and Financial Struggles

The adoption process proved to be complicated and costly, with unexpected fees arising. Jimmy had to find ways to financially support Emilio and manage the high costs of the adoption.

In response, he initiated a fundraiser which successfully raised over $60,000, aiding him in covering the adoption expenses and supporting both Emilio and his mother in Haiti.


Now, several years into the process, Jimmy is close to finalizing Emilio’s adoption, thanks to public generosity and his persistent efforts.

The funds raised also aim to help Jimmy complete his college education and secure Emilio’s future.


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