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Vybz Kartel’s Health Declines Rapidly in Prison (Video)

Dancehall Star’s Health Crisis

Vybz Kartel, the internationally renowned dancehall artist, is facing severe health issues while imprisoned in Jamaica. Despite his murder conviction being overturned by the UK Privy Council, Kartel remains incarcerated pending an appeal.

Medical Concerns Highlighted

Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, has been diagnosed with Graves’ disease and a serious heart condition. His health has deteriorated significantly over the past year. His longtime personal physician, Dr. Karen Phillips, reported on June 3, 2024, that Kartel’s heart pumping function has declined to 37% of normal, putting him at risk of heart failure and potential heart attack. She recommends immediate specialized therapy or surgery to save his life.

Prison Conditions

The conditions in which Kartel is being held have been reported as substandard, with his cell lacking proper sanitary facilities until recently. Despite some improvements, such as the installation of a flushable toilet, the overall living conditions remain far below acceptable human standards.

Family’s Plea for Release

Kartel’s son and attorney, Isaac Buchanan, are advocating for his release on health grounds. The last time Kartel’s 21-year-old son visited him was during the prison’s family day in December. The family expresses gratitude for the support from fans and hopes for a family reunion in freedom soon.

Upcoming Court Decision

Attorney Buchanan announced that the Jamaica Court of Appeal is scheduled to review Kartel’s case next week, which could potentially lead to his release based on the critical state of his health.


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