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Watch How This News Anchor Turns the Tables on a Scam Caller (video)

In a recent viral video, a news anchor cleverly outsmarted a scam caller, bringing significant attention to the issue of phone scams.

Watch How This News Anchor Turns the Tables on a Scam Caller

The anchor’s quick thinking and strategic approach exposed the scammer’s tactics, educating viewers on the importance of vigilance against such fraudulent activities.

How the Scam Unfolded

The video begins with the anchor receiving a call from a scammer claiming there was an outstanding warrant for the anchor’s arrest due to an unpaid balance on their account.

The scammer mentioned a specific amount of $2792.33, hoping to intimidate the anchor into compliance. Pretending to be annoyed and concerned, the anchor expressed a willingness to settle the dues immediately, playing along to lure the scammer into revealing more information.

The Anchor Turns the Tables

Believing they had successfully duped the anchor, the scammer instructed the anchor to make a payment using a debit or credit card. The anchor feigned compliance, asking the scammer for the card number to make the payment.

At this crucial moment, the anchor revealed the truth: they were live on television, conducting an investigation into scam callers. The anchor informed the scammer that the FBI was tracking the phone number, effectively turning the situation around and exposing the scam in real time.

Impact and Awareness

The video has quickly gone viral, amassing millions of views and highlighting the widespread issue of phone scams. This incident underscores the necessity of remaining vigilant against such schemes and the importance of public awareness in combating fraud.

The anchor’s bold move not only entertained viewers but also educated them on how to handle similar situations.

The Aftermath

There are currently no updates on whether the FBI managed to apprehend the scammer using the phone number revealed during the call.

However, the video’s impact is undeniable, shedding light on the tactics scammers use and the importance of reporting such incidents to the authorities.

The Growing Problem of Phone Scams

Phone scams have become increasingly prevalent, with scammers employing sophisticated tactics to deceive unsuspecting individuals. They often create a sense of urgency and fear, pressuring victims into making hasty decisions.

This video serves as a powerful reminder to always verify the legitimacy of such calls and to never provide personal or financial information over the phone unless certain of the caller’s identity.

Steps to Protect Yourself

  • Verify the Caller: Always ask for verification and contact the supposed organization directly using official contact information.
  • Report Suspicious Calls: Notify local authorities or organizations like the FTC about suspicious calls.
  • Educate Yourself: Stay informed about common scam tactics and share this knowledge with friends and family.
  • Use Call-Blocking Tools: Utilize call-blocking features on your phone or download apps designed to identify and block scam calls.


The news anchor’s quick thinking and strategic approach to exposing the scammer have not only entertained but also educated the public about the dangers of phone scams. This incident highlights the critical need for awareness and vigilance to protect oneself from fraudulent schemes.


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