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White Author’s Black Disguise Sparks Major Controversy! (video)

In a controversial move, white author and journalist Sam Forester disguised himself as a Black man to explore racism in America for his new book, “Seven Shoulders.”

White Author's Black Disguise Sparks Major Controversy!

This unconventional approach has sparked significant debate, with opinions divided on its effectiveness and appropriateness.

Sam Forester’s Transformation 

Sam Forester announced on X (formerly Twitter) the release of his book on race relations, detailing his experience posing as a Black man while traveling across the United States.

He described the process as one of the hardest things he’s ever done as a journalist, emphasizing the challenges he faced during his journey.

Book Description and Claims 

“Seven Shoulders” is described as the most important book on American race relations, aiming to taxonomize various types of racism in modern America. Forester’s daring transformation is central to the book, a method he used to document and understand the persistent racism in the country.

Public Reaction and Criticism 

The announcement of Forester’s book has drawn widespread criticism. Lawyer and journalist Imani Gandhi questioned the necessity of Forester’s disguise, suggesting that he could have simply interviewed Black Americans to understand their experiences.

Gandhi also highlighted the offensive nature of claiming his book to be the most important on race relations.

Comparison to Historical Works 

Forester’s approach is reminiscent of the 1950s book “Black Like Me” by John Howard Griffin, where the author darkened his skin to experience segregation in the South. This method, while providing unique insights, has been criticized for its performative aspect rather than genuine understanding.

Amazon Ranking and Controversy 

Despite or perhaps because of the controversy, “Seven Shoulders” currently ranks number one in new releases in the discrimination and racism studies category on Amazon. This ranking reflects both the curiosity and criticism surrounding Forester’s work.

Critical Responses

Imani Gandhi and other critics argue that Forester’s approach lacks sensitivity to the real experiences of Black Americans. They emphasize that many Black scholars have written extensively on racism from lived experiences, providing valuable insights without resorting to performative tactics.

The Importance of Authentic Voices 

Critics assert that authentic voices are crucial in discussions about racism. Black scholars and individuals who experience racism daily offer a depth of understanding that cannot be replicated by temporary transformations or disguises.

Forester’s Acknowledgment of Black Scholarship 

It remains unclear whether Forester has engaged with the extensive body of Black scholarship on racism. Critics hope that he will recognize the contributions of Black scholars and incorporate their perspectives into his understanding and future work.


Sam Forester’s book, “Seven Shoulders,” has ignited a significant debate on the methods used to explore racism. While it has garnered attention and high rankings on Amazon, the controversy highlights the importance of authentic voices and experiences in understanding and addressing racial issues.


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