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YouTube Sensation and Flint Councilman Eric Mays Dies (video)

The story revolves around Eric Mays, a councilman from Flint, Michigan. The funeral arrangements for Eric Mays are put on hold until a final hearing is scheduled for Thursday. Despite executed authorizations compelling the release of Mays’ body, the funeral home has refused multiple requests to do so. Mays’ attorneys deem this refusal a violation of Michigan law. Frustrated by the funeral home’s stance, Mays’ client files a mortuary science complaint against them.

Additionally, Councilman Mays’s lack of a will leads to disputes among family members, exacerbating the situation. The family’s perceived profit from the situation adds another layer of complexity. Efforts to reach out to the funeral home and the family for comment are refused. The story ends with mentioning a news outlet, WNEM TV-5, indicating that the situation is still developing.


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