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Aquaserge Announce New Album & Share First Single 

French-based, experimental pop luminaries Aquaserge announce the release of their upcoming album La fin de l’economie, set for release on May 24th via Crammed Discs. Today, they share their first single “Le saut du tigre” – “The Tiger’s Leap”.  

Aquaserge Announce New Album & Share First Single 

With this catchy single “Le saut du tigre”, Aquaserge lift the veil on the direction of their upcoming and seventh new album: a resolutely guitar-based sound, great melodies, their trademark touches of jazz, ’70s film music, and poetry reflecting their radical views on the state of the world.

The song title, “The Tiger’s Leap”, alludes to a famous text by cult thinker Walter Benjamin.  

Watch the official video for “Le saut du tigre” HERE 

It’s burning, everything is catching fire, and Aquaserge are singing and dancing on the embers of a world contemplated in a rear-view mirror. A world which is hyper-connected, yet forgets its primary emotions.  

This new album by the band is an ecological poem, where present and past collide. A resolutely rock-sounding album, laced with electronics, experimental pop songs and audio archives. Along the way, the listeners will encounter traces of Oulipo (the famous experimental French literary movement founded in the ’60s), Dada and free jazz.

They will cross paths with the ghosts of Ennio Morricone, Walter Benjamin and Marguerite Duras, with the shadows of Kim Gordon and Brigitte Fontaine. And other audacious and exciting melanges, in the pure tradition of Aquaserge.    

The recording took place in a house located in the French countryside (where Aquaserge’s mobile studio was installed). The mix was done at Studio St Guidon in Brussels, the album was mastered by the legendary Dominique Blanc-Francard at the Labomatic studio in Paris.

The album was arranged and produced by Benjamin Glibert, the band’s guitarist and main composer. 

The members of the band’s current line-up all took part in the recording: Audrey Ginestet (vocals, bass, guitar, etc.), Benjamin Glibert (vocals, guitar, keyboards, etc.), Olivier Kelchtermans (saxophones, keyboards, vocals, etc.), Manon Glibert (clarinets, vocals, etc.) and Julien Chamla (drums, vocals, etc.). 


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