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Arrest Made in 2001 Chevy Chase Cold Case Murder (Video)

Suspect in Custody After 23 Years

After more than two decades, a man has been arrested in connection with a 2001 cold case murder in Chevy Chase. The arrest brings closure to a case that had remained unsolved for 23 years.

Connection Between Suspect and Victim

The suspect, Eugene Gligor, was an ex-boyfriend of the victim’s daughter, Lauren Pryor. Gligor and Lauren grew up in the same neighborhood, with their families knowing each other well. The relationship between Gligor and the Pryor family has left them in disbelief.

Discovery Through DNA Evidence

Montgomery County Police were able to make the arrest due to advancements in forensic technology. DNA recovered from the crime scene in 2001 was submitted to a lab in 2022. This forensic genealogy work led detectives to identify Gligor as the suspect.

Details of the Crime

In May 2001, Leslie Pryor was found murdered in her Chevy Chase home after she did not show up for work. For years, there were no leads in the case until the DNA evidence pointed to Gligor.

Arrest and Charges

Eugene Gligor was arrested by U.S. Marshals and charged with first-degree murder. He is currently in Washington, D.C., awaiting extradition back to Montgomery County for trial.

Family’s Reaction

Lauren Pryor expressed a mix of emotions, including relief and hope for justice. She recalled encountering Gligor at a restaurant in Washington, D.C., over a year ago, unaware of his involvement in her mother’s murder.


The arrest of Eugene Gligor marks a significant development in a case that had gone cold for over two decades. Montgomery County Police emphasize the importance of forensic genealogy and the dedication of detectives in solving cold cases, providing closure to families affected by violent crimes.

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