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Atlanta Mayor and Police Chief Provide Update on Deadly Bus Hijacking (Video)

Incident Overview

On a tragic day in DeKalb County, Atlanta Mayor and Police Chief came before the media to address two violent incidents involving firearms. The first incident took place at Peachtree Center Mall, where multiple individuals were shot in the food court. The second involved a deadly bus hijacking that spanned multiple jurisdictions, culminating in DeKalb County.

Details of the Bus Hijacking

At approximately 4:30 PM, a 911 call reported an emergency on a bus at 45 Ivan Allen Boulevard. An officer arrived within a minute, encountering a gunman who forced the bus driver to drive off. The hijacker held 17 people hostage, including the bus driver. Multiple 911 calls confirmed the hijacking, and law enforcement agencies, including the Atlanta Police Department, Georgia State Patrol, and police departments from DeKalb and Gwinnett Counties, coordinated efforts to end the situation.

Fatality and Suspect Information

One individual on the bus succumbed to injuries believed to be from a gunshot wound. The suspect, 39-year-old Joseph Greer from Stone Mountain, Georgia, was apprehended. Greer, a convicted felon with 19 prior arrests, was armed during the incident. The police are conducting a joint investigation with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI).

Law Enforcement Response

The coordinated response involved strategically disabling the bus using a BearCat armored vehicle, which prevented further movement and allowed passengers to safely disembark. The Atlanta Police Chief and other officials commended the efforts of all involved law enforcement agencies and highlighted the importance of their quick and effective response.

Earlier Incident at Peachtree Center Mall

Earlier in the day, another shooting occurred at Peachtree Center Mall, where individuals were shot in the food court. The suspect, also a felon with multiple prior arrests, was swiftly apprehended by the Atlanta Police Department.

Addressing Gun Violence

Mayor and Police Chief emphasized the pervasive issue of gun violence, attributing it to the widespread availability of firearms, particularly among individuals with prior criminal records. They called for stricter measures to control gun possession and prevent similar incidents in the future.


Both incidents underscored the challenges faced by law enforcement in managing gun violence and ensuring public safety. Despite the tragic loss of life, the swift actions of law enforcement agencies prevented further casualties and brought both critical situations to a resolution.

For further updates, the Atlanta Police Department and Georgia State Patrol will provide more information as the investigations progress.

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