Australia’s Gambling Crisis Exposed: What You Need to Know (Video)


Australia, often referred to as “The Lucky Country,” holds the unfortunate title of having the highest gambling losses per capita globally. From casinos and horse races to sports betting, gambling is deeply ingrained in Australian culture. However, poker machines, or “pokies,” are the most prominent and problematic form of gambling.

The Extent of the Problem

Australia’s gambling industry generates tens of billions of dollars annually, with a significant portion coming from poker machines. These machines are strategically designed to be addictive, contributing to widespread gambling addiction.

Political and Social Impact

In New South Wales (NSW), poker machines are not just confined to casinos; they are widespread in community pubs and clubs. This accessibility exacerbates the problem, leading to daily losses of more than $15 million on pokies in NSW alone.

Case Study: Helen Dalton

Helen Dalton, a state political representative in NSW, has witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of gambling in her region. Shocked by a government report highlighting her area as a hotspot for gambling addiction and money laundering, Dalton has become a vocal advocate for reform. Her efforts, however, have met with strong resistance from the gambling industry, which has launched targeted campaigns against her.

Personal Stories of Addiction

Carolyn Crawford, a former office manager, became addicted to pokies, leading to financial ruin and a prison sentence. Her story is one of many that illustrate the human cost of gambling addiction. Similarly, Joy van Doonen lost her son, Gary, to suicide after his addiction to poker machines spiraled out of control.

Industry Influence

The gambling industry’s influence extends to political donations and lobbying, which has stymied reform efforts for years. Despite this, there have been recent pushes for change. NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has criticized the state’s reliance on gambling tax revenue and spearheaded efforts to introduce cashless gaming cards to curb addiction and money laundering.

A Glimmer of Hope

Advocacy groups and individuals affected by gambling are pushing for reforms. Reverend Tim Costello and support groups are advocating for measures like cashless gaming cards, which could limit how much gamblers can spend. These efforts aim to protect individuals from the predatory nature of poker machines and reduce the social harm caused by gambling.


Australia’s gambling crisis is a complex issue involving powerful industry interests, political challenges, and significant social harm. While recent efforts to reform the industry offer some hope, the path to meaningful change remains fraught with obstacles. The stories of those affected by gambling addiction underscore the urgent need for comprehensive and effective solutions.


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