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Biden and Trump Clash Over Age and Golf Skills in 2024 Debate (video)

Concerns About Capabilities

During the 2024 presidential debate, questions were raised about the capabilities of the candidates to serve effectively. President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump engaged in a heated exchange about their physical and cognitive abilities.

Cognitive Tests and Health

Trump highlighted that he had taken two cognitive tests and aced both, emphasizing his mental sharpness. He criticized Biden for not taking any cognitive tests and challenged him to take one, asserting that Biden would struggle with even the easiest questions. Trump also mentioned that he undergoes annual physical exams and is in very good health. He boasted about winning two regular Club championships, noting that this achievement required intelligence and physical fitness.

Golf Skills and Fitness

Trump took aim at Biden’s golfing abilities, claiming that Biden couldn’t hit a golf ball 50 yards. He argued that his own golfing success was evidence of his physical fitness and intelligence. In response, Biden suggested having a driving contest, mentioning that he had reduced his golf handicap to six when he was vice president. He also proposed playing golf with Trump if Trump carried his own bag.

Debate Dynamics

The debate saw both candidates engaging in personal attacks and making claims about each other’s physical capabilities. Trump’s assertion of being in as good shape as he was 25-30 years ago and his challenges to Biden on golfing highlighted the personal nature of their rivalry. Biden, on the other hand, questioned the accuracy of Trump’s claimed golf handicap and suggested that Trump’s comments were untrue. The debate moderators attempted to keep the discussion focused, but the candidates continued their back-and-forth on physical fitness and abilities.


The exchange between Biden and Trump during the debate underscored the intensity of their rivalry and the personal nature of their attacks. Both candidates used their physical fitness and cognitive abilities as points of contention, aiming to undermine each other’s credibility and capabilities to serve as president.

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