Bodycam Footage Exposes Charlotte Officer Stealing from Suspect: The Arrest and Aftermath (video)

Bodycam Video of Charlotte Officer Accused of Stealing Suspect’s Money Released

Incident Overview

Renewed news at 5 PM reveals the release of body camera footage central to an investigation involving former CMPD Officer Henry Chapman. The footage captures an incident where Chapman is accused of stealing money from a suspect in his custody.

Traffic Stop Incident

The incident took place on March 14th during a traffic stop. The body camera footage, recorded from Chapman’s sergeant’s perspective, shows the suspect in red repeatedly claiming he saw and heard Officer Chapman crumpling and separating two bundles of cash. The suspect alleged that approximately $1,000 was missing.

Discovery of Evidence

During the investigation, several $100 bills were discovered stuffed in the lower side compartment of Chapman’s patrol car.

Officer’s Arrest

Officer Chapman was arrested six hours after the initial traffic stop. Following a criminal investigation, he was charged with theft.


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