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Breaking News: Multiple People Shot in South Chicago Suburbs (Video)

Incident Overview

Reports have emerged of a shooting incident in the south suburbs of Chicago, specifically in the town of Allsup. The event took place near 127th Street and Francisco Avenue, outside a Salvation Army center.

Location and Scene

The shooting occurred in the parking lot area outside the Salvation Army center, located at 127th and Francisco. Chopper footage reveals a significant police and emergency medical services (EMS) presence on the scene.

Number of Victims

Initial reports indicate that three individuals were shot. The exact condition and status of the victims remain unknown at this time.

Eyewitness Accounts

Witnesses reported hearing up to 10 gunshots. One witness from a nearby daycare center saw someone running past her facility, but it is unclear if this individual was involved in the incident or fleeing for safety.

Response and Investigation

Police and EMS are actively investigating the scene. Evidence markers are visible in the parking lot, indicating a thorough examination of the area for clues and evidence.

Status of the Shooter

There is no confirmed information regarding the shooter. Authorities have not yet identified or located the individual responsible for the shooting. The motive behind the incident remains unclear.

Current Situation

The area around 127th and Francisco is cordoned off as the investigation continues. Residents are advised to avoid the vicinity until further notice. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

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