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Breaking News: Police Investigation in Southwest Miami-Dade (Video)

Multiple Agencies Involved in Investigation

In southwest Miami-Dade, several law enforcement agencies are currently centering an investigation around a police cruiser covered with a yellow tarp.

Location of Incident

The incident is taking place at the intersection of Southwest 137th Avenue and 320th Street in Homestead. Miami-Dade police have blocked off the intersection as part of the investigation.

Details from the Scene

Local Ten’s Joseph Ojo reported live from the scene. Sky Ten footage shows a significant law enforcement response, including multiple agencies and homicide investigators.

Tarp Coverage and Speculations

Initially, the passenger side of the car was covered by a tarp, which has since been moved, indicating a potentially fatal situation. The vehicle appears to be a county law enforcement vehicle, but the specific agency has not been identified.

Ongoing Investigation

Questions remain about whether the officer was shot, if it was a self-inflicted wound, or another scenario. The investigation is still active, and authorities are working to gather more information.


A police investigation is ongoing in Homestead, focusing on a possible officer shooting that might be fatal. Further updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

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