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Brutal Attack on Hollywood’s Allie Shehorn: Latest Updates (video)

Hollywood makeup artist Allie Shehorn, known for her work in films such as 2022’s “Babylon” and 2024’s “Mean Girls,” was brutally attacked and stabbed more than 20 times in her Los Angeles home on May 23rd. The incident has left Shehorn on a long road to recovery, fighting for her life after sustaining severe injuries.

Brutal Attack on Hollywood's Allie Shehorn: Latest Updates

The Incident

According to Christine White, who describes herself as Shehorn’s surrogate mother, the attack occurred in the early hours of May 23rd. White was staying with Shehorn when the stabbing took place and recounted the horrifying moment she discovered Shehorn injured. The attack left Shehorn with severe wounds to her arms, neck, and abdomen.

Immediate Aftermath

Law enforcement confirmed to the Los Angeles Times that a stabbing occurred in the Shadow Hills neighborhood just after 4:30 a.m. on May 23rd. The alleged assailant fled the scene before police arrived. The Los Angeles Police Department has yet to comment officially on the case, despite requests from E! News.

GoFundMe Campaign

In response to the attack, friends of Allie Shehorn set up a GoFundMe campaign to cover her medical expenses. The campaign, organized by Emily McDonald and Jed Doroff, revealed that Shehorn has undergone three surgeries since the attack.

The latest operation took place on May 25th to treat stab wounds on the left side of her body. Shehorn has since been moved out of the Intensive Care Unit, showing signs of determination to recover from the horrific ordeal.

Arrest of the Alleged Attacker

In a significant update to the case, authorities informed Shehorn’s friends that the alleged attacker was apprehended in Texas while attempting to flee the country. This development has brought some relief to Shehorn’s friends and supporters, who are hopeful for justice.

Road to Recovery

Despite the severity of her injuries, Allie Shehorn remains resilient. Her friends have expressed their admiration for her strength and determination to heal. The makeup artist is pushing through the pain, refusing to let this violent act defeat her.

Community Support

The Hollywood community and Shehorn’s friends have rallied around her, offering support through the GoFundMe campaign and spreading awareness about the attack. The campaign has garnered significant attention, highlighting the urgent need for financial assistance to cover Shehorn’s medical bills and support her during her recovery.


Allie Shehorn’s brutal stabbing has shocked the Hollywood community and beyond. As she continues her recovery, the support from her friends, family, and the broader community remains crucial. The arrest of the alleged attacker brings hope for justice, while Shehorn’s resilience inspires those around her.

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