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Cam’ron’s “Interesting” Interview on CNN About Diddy (video)

In a candid interview on CNN, Cam’ron didn’t hold back his feelings about the recent controversy involving Sean “Diddy” Combs. The rapper and entrepreneur shared his thoughts on the explosive video featuring Diddy and Cassie in a hotel, which has led to serious allegations against Diddy, including trafficking minors and domestic violence.

Cam’ron began by expressing his shock and disappointment. “When I seen the video, everything in the video was egregious,” he said. “I’m against all the charges alleged against him. I don’t support any of that trafficking minors, domestic violence. I’m totally against it.” His blunt reaction underscored his condemnation of the actions depicted in the video.

Despite his outrage, Cam’ron was quick to clarify his relationship with Diddy. “Being that I know him, he’s not necessarily a friend, but yeah, I was upset when I seen it,” he admitted. When pressed further, Cam’ron maintained his stance without wavering. “I seen him, and I thought it was disgusting. I didn’t do a zoom in to see if it was really him or nothing, but he admitted it was him, so yeah, it was him.”

The discussion then turned to Diddy’s public apology, which Cam’ron dismissed as irrelevant to him. “The apology ain’t for me. That’s for Cassie. What I think about it don’t matter. He ain’t do nothing to me. Cassie needs to ask Cassie if she accepts the apology,” he stated firmly.

CNN played a clip from Cam’ron’s podcast where he discussed why Mase chose to introduce him to Biggie Smalls instead of signing him with Bad Boy Records. Cam’ron reflected on his deep friendship with Mase, explaining, “I just saw you as such a good friend, I wanted to put you with somebody I knew.”

When asked if he had more insights into Diddy’s behavior in the industry, Cam’ron deflected, pointing out that Mase had a closer relationship with Diddy. “Mase took me to Biggie. I don’t really know Puff like Mase know Puff,” he said. He encouraged viewers to tune into his show “It Is What It Is” for more information, hinting that Mase might reveal more details there.

The interview wrapped up with a question about the industry’s role in enabling Diddy’s alleged misconduct. Cam’ron’s response was pointed and dismissive, emphasizing his detachment from Diddy’s affairs. “Who the talent agent for this joint? You think I’ll be sitting around watching what Diddy do and all this?” he retorted, clearly frustrated with the line of questioning.

Cam’ron’s unfiltered and straightforward responses offered a raw glimpse into his views on the controversy, further amplified by his unwillingness to sugarcoat his opinions. This interview is sure to spark more discussions and debates within the music industry and among fan


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