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Ice Cube Not Happy with Trump’s Black Support (video)

The recent interview featuring Ice Cube and Lawrence Taylor has sparked significant discussions about the growing support for former President Donald Trump among Black voters.

How the Big Three is Revolutionizing Basketball Under Ice Cube

This trend has seen prominent figures in the entertainment and sports industries openly expressing their support for Trump, signaling a potential shift in political allegiances within the African American community.

Lawrence Taylor’s Endorsement of Trump

Legendary Pro Football Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor made a striking endorsement of President Trump. Taylor, who grew up as a Democrat, declared that after meeting Trump, he and his family would never vote for a Democrat again.

This statement reflects a notable shift in political loyalty and underscores the impact Trump has had on some Black voters.

Ice Cube’s Perspective on Political Choices

Ice Cube, a renowned rapper and actor, shared his views on the matter during the interview. Having been deeply involved with the Big Three basketball league, Ice Cube admitted to being somewhat out of the political loop but emphasized the importance of personal decision-making in choosing a president.

He highlighted that people are well-aware of both Trump and Biden and will make their decisions based on their own judgment rather than the endorsements of celebrities.

Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent’s Support for Trump

The interview also touched upon other celebrities like Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent, who have voiced their respect and support for Trump.

Snoop Dogg expressed his admiration for Trump, while 50 Cent suggested that Trump could be the solution to current issues, particularly noting the provision of prepaid credit cards.

The Big Three’s Historic Announcement

Amidst the political discussion, Ice Cube announced a significant milestone for the Big Three basketball league. The league sold its first franchise to DCB Sports in a ten-million-dollar deal.

This sale marks a historic moment for the league and signifies its growth and potential in the sports industry.

Future Plans for the Big Three

The Big Three is poised for further expansion, with plans to establish franchises in Los Angeles, Toronto, London, and Dallas. This move is expected to attract more investors and bring in diverse voices to guide the league’s future direction.

The inclusion of experienced individuals from various sports backgrounds aims to enhance the league’s operations and growth prospects.

Economic and Business Insights

Ice Cube also shared insights on running a business, particularly in the context of small businesses and their crucial role in the American economy.

He emphasized the challenges faced by small businesses, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and called for government support to help these businesses thrive.

The Big Three itself serves as an example of a small business that has grown significantly, demonstrating the potential for success with the right support and determination.


The interview with Ice Cube and Lawrence Taylor sheds light on the evolving political landscape among Black voters and highlights significant developments within the Big Three basketball league.

The support for Trump among some celebrities and sports figures indicates a potential shift in political dynamics, while the Big Three’s growth showcases the success of innovative business ventures in the sports industry.


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