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Candace Owens’ Visit to Fresh and Fit Podcast: Insights and Reflections (Video)


Candace Owens recently shared her experience on the Fresh and Fit podcast, where she engaged with young women in the sex industry. Through candid conversations and personal anecdotes, she emphasized the importance of faith, hard work, and making long-term wise decisions over pursuing quick money.

The Fresh and Fit Podcast Experience

Purpose of the Visit

Owens aimed to counsel young women working in the sex industry, offering them guidance and encouraging them to reflect on their life choices. She viewed the podcast as a platform to reach out to these women and potentially transform their lives.

Key Observations

Owens noticed a common pattern among the women she interacted with: many did not have a father figure growing up, which she believes influenced their decisions to enter the sex industry. She emphasized the impact of absent fathers on their choices and experiences.

The Story of Kayla

One woman, Kayla, shared her poignant story of growing up in a small town, struggling with drug addiction, and becoming a single mother. Kayla’s journey highlighted the harsh realities of seeking quick money and the challenges of overcoming such a lifestyle. Owens encouraged Kayla, noting her three years of sobriety and urging her to continue making positive changes.

Personal Anecdote: The Tale of Two Paths

Candace’s Friend’s Experience

Owens recounted a story from her youth about a friend who chose the fast life, seeking easy money and fame. This friend, who once lived a lavish lifestyle in Miami, ended up working as a hostess at the Four Seasons years later, demonstrating the fleeting nature of such a lifestyle.

Candace’s Own Path

In contrast, Owens chose a path of hard work and perseverance, ultimately finding success in her career. She shared a moment of validation when she met Wyclef Jean years later, who expressed pride in her achievements.

Faith and Transformation

The Power of Faith

Owens highlighted the transformative power of faith by sharing a story about a former porn star who turned her life around through religion. This woman, now a devoted wife and mother, found peace and purpose by giving her life to God.

Encouraging the Women

In her closing advice, Owens emphasized that it is never too late to change one’s life. She urged the women to consider turning away from the sex industry and seeking more fulfilling and sustainable paths.

Concerning Trends: Olivia Rodrigo and Ariana Grande

Olivia Rodrigo’s Actions

Owens expressed concern over young artist Olivia Rodrigo promoting abortion and reproductive health products at her concerts. She believes Rodrigo is being used by the industry to push certain agendas without fully understanding the potential harm.

Ariana Grande’s Influence

Owens humorously criticized Ariana Grande for perpetuating harmful behaviors and glorifying a superficial lifestyle. She suggested that Grande’s actions reflect deeper personal issues and called for intervention.


Owens’ visit to the Fresh and Fit podcast was a mix of candid advice, personal stories, and reflections on the influence of absent fathers and the power of faith. Through her interactions, she aimed to inspire young women to reconsider their life choices and pursue more meaningful and lasting paths.


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