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Intervention! Ariana Grande Needs Our Help (Video)

Ariana Grande’s Concerning Behavior

Ariana Grande is reportedly suffering from a severe stage of an undisclosed illness. The situation has escalated to the point where it is impacting those around her, leading to significant personal losses.

Controversial New Song

Grande’s latest song, “The Boy Is Mine,” has sparked outrage. The title is reminiscent of the iconic track by Monica and Brandy, but the new song’s quality and lyrical content have disappointed many fans and members of the black community.

Lyrics Analysis

The lyrics of “The Boy Is Mine” are seen as problematic. They include lines like “I can’t wait to try him,” “let’s get intertwined,” and “watch me take my time,” which many interpret as reflecting Grande’s ongoing issues.

Calls for Intervention

There are calls for a public intervention to help Ariana Grande. Suggestions include therapy and addressing deep-seated issues, such as her apparent “daddy issues,” through professional support.

Public Reaction

Many are frustrated by Grande’s perceived lack of awareness and continued focus on themes of romantic entanglements. Some believe her fame has caused a disconnect from reality.

Unclear Public Statements

In a recent interview, Grande’s statements about her music and personal experiences were seen as confusing and lacking substance, further fueling concerns about her mental state.


The need for an intervention is becoming increasingly urgent, as Ariana Grande’s behavior continues to raise alarms among her fans and the general public.


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