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Celtics on the Verge of Historic NBA Finals Sweep (Video)

Celtics Lead 3-0 in NBA Finals

The Boston Celtics are just one win away from clinching their 18th NBA title after a commanding 106-99 victory over the Dallas Mavericks in Game 3. Jason Tatum led the way with 31 points, while Jaylen Brown added 30.

Luka Dončić Struggles in Fourth Quarter

Luka Dončić fouled out with 4:12 remaining in the game, and his performance in the fourth quarter was a point of criticism. Dončić has more fouls and turnovers than field goals in the fourth quarter of the series, shooting just 3 of 15.

Kyrie Irving Shines Despite Team’s Loss

Kyrie Irving had a standout performance with 20 points in the first half and continued to be a key player in the second half. However, his efforts were disrupted by Dončić’s slow pace and questionable shot selections.

Defensive Issues and Fouls

Dončić’s defensive lapses were evident, with moments where he was out of position and committed unnecessary fouls. His frustration led to several fouls that could have been avoided, impacting his team’s performance.

Coaching and Team Dynamics

Jason Kidd’s coaching decisions, including playing 11 different players in the first half, indicated a search for effective strategies against the Celtics. Despite efforts, the Mavericks couldn’t overcome the Celtics’ dominance.

Boston’s Composure and Teamwork

The Celtics demonstrated composure and selflessness throughout the game, with Coach Joe Mazzulla’s leadership being a significant factor. The team’s accountability and togetherness were evident in their performance.


The Celtics are poised to make history with a potential sweep in the NBA Finals, a feat never achieved before. Luka Dončić’s need for growth and the Celtics’ championship culture are key takeaways from this series.


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