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Chaos as Marjorie Taylor Greene Clashes with Fauci (Video)

Opening Remarks and Oversight

During a congressional hearing, Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia was given the floor to question Dr. Anthony Fauci, who was quoted on CBS Face the Nation as saying, “It’s easy to criticize, but they’re really criticizing science because I represent science.”

Greene’s Accusations

Greene pressed Dr. Fauci on whether he represents science, to which Fauci responded by identifying himself as a scientist who uses the scientific method to gain information. Greene accused Fauci of signing off on scientific experiments on beagles, which she labeled as “disgusting and evil.”

COVID-19 Guidelines

Greene also accused Fauci of fabricating COVID-19 guidelines, including six feet social distancing and masking of children, claiming Fauci admitted to making these rules up. Fauci denied this, stating he never said he made anything up.

Financial Transparency

Greene brought up NIH scientists earning $710 million in royalties from drug makers, questioning the ethics of government scientists receiving such payments while recommending public health guidelines.

Decorum and Order

The hearing escalated when Greene refused to address Fauci as “Doctor,” prompting a debate on decorum. Democratic members, including Representative Raskin, insisted that Fauci be recognized by his proper title and called Greene’s comments a personal attack on his character.

Concluding the Heated Exchange

As the hearing continued, Greene displayed a photo of Fauci at a baseball game without a mask, accusing him of hypocrisy. She further criticized Fauci’s emails about mask effectiveness and called for his prosecution for “crimes against humanity.” The hearing was marked by interruptions and calls for order, with members stressing the importance of maintaining decorum and sticking to factual debates.

Apologies and Support for Fauci

After Greene’s time expired, Representative Garcia from California apologized to Fauci for the personal attacks, emphasizing the life-saving impact of Fauci’s scientific contributions.

Final Remarks

The hearing concluded with reminders from the chair about the importance of decorum and respect, urging members to focus on facts and avoid personal attacks.


  • Marjorie Taylor Greene questioned Dr. Anthony Fauci during a congressional hearing, leading to heated exchanges.
  • Greene accused Fauci of fabricating COVID-19 guidelines and criticized NIH scientists’ financial dealings.
  • The hearing was marked by debates on decorum, with members insisting on respect for Fauci’s title.
  • Greene’s personal attacks led to interruptions and calls for order.
  • Representative Garcia apologized to Fauci, emphasizing the importance of his scientific contributions.


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