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WWII Veteran Shares Moving Reflections (Video)


On the 80th anniversary of D-Day, a WWII veteran who lied about his age to join the military at 16 shared his poignant memories and thoughts on the current state of the country. Now nearly 97 years old, he expressed his gratitude for surviving the war and his continued struggles with PTSD.

Joining the Military at 16

The veteran recounted how he disliked high school and was determined to join the military, despite being underage. With the help of a falsified birth certificate, he convinced the recruiters he was older and soon found himself on a boat heading to Normandy at the age of 16.

Experiences on D-Day

On the morning of D-Day, the veteran described the chaos as his boat hit an obstacle, injuring him and causing him to believe he was having a heart attack. He was pulled to safety by fellow soldiers amidst the intense battle. He vividly remembered encountering a fellow soldier who had been killed, questioning his own presence in such a harrowing situation.

Coping with PTSD

The veteran openly discussed his lifelong battle with PTSD, which was then known as battle fatigue or combat fatigue. He shared a heartbreaking story about his brother, who also served and suffered greatly from PTSD, ultimately leading to his demise after being subjected to harsh treatments.

Reflections on Modern America

When asked about the state of the country he fought to keep free, the veteran expressed a sense of alienation, feeling like a foreigner in his own country. He criticized the influence of Hollywood on Washington and expressed hope that veterans would rally to bring about positive change. He also reflected on the differences between his generation and today’s youth, noting a perceived lack of pride and respect for the flag.


The interview concluded with the veteran expressing his gratitude for his comrades and the importance of remembering their sacrifices. He emphasized the need for continued respect for the flag and national pride. The interviewer thanked him for his service and bravery, highlighting the inspiration he provides to others.

This story encapsulates the veteran’s journey from a young, eager soldier to a reflective elder grappling with the changes in his country and the lasting impacts of war.


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