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Chicago Sky Pulls Off Dramatic Comeback Victory (Video)

In a thrilling WNBA game, the Chicago Sky overcame a 15-point deficit to secure a narrow 88-87 victory over the Indiana Fever. The comeback was spearheaded by Angel Reese, who delivered a career-high performance.

Angel Reese’s Stellar Performance

Angel Reese was the standout player of the night. Her energy and determination played a crucial role in the team’s victory. Reese’s contributions were significant in both the third and fourth quarters, helping to turn the game in favor of Chicago.

Key Moments and Leadership

During the game, Reese showcased her leadership skills, particularly when she supported her teammate Kennedy Carter. Reese mentioned the special relationship they share and highlighted Carter’s excellent performance.

Acknowledging Mentors and Inspirations

After the game, Reese expressed her gratitude to Cheryl Swoops, who has been a constant source of support and inspiration throughout her career. This moment of acknowledgment emphasized the importance of mentorship in Reese’s journey.

Implications for Playoffs

With this win, the Chicago Sky leapfrogged the Indiana Fever in the standings, securing the eighth spot, which is the final playoff position. This victory was crucial, as an Indiana win would have clinched the season series for the Fever.


Angel Reese’s exceptional performance and leadership were pivotal in Chicago Sky’s comeback victory against the Indiana Fever. The team’s resilience and determination have put them in a favorable position for the playoffs.

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