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Chicago ‘Spire’ Hole Soon to be Covered by Two Apartment Towers (Video)


One of Chicago’s most notorious construction projects, the Chicago Spire, was initially planned to be a 2,000-foot-tall tower, the tallest in the U.S. However, the project was halted in 2008, leaving behind a 75-foot-deep hole where the foundation was laid.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

After years of stalled development, a groundbreaking ceremony was held at 400 North DuSable Lake Shore Drive for the construction of two new apartment towers on the same site.

Architectural Details

The new development will feature two residential towers, primarily rental units. The northern tower, to be built in the existing hole, will be 72 stories high. The second tower to the south will be constructed if economic conditions remain favorable.

Design Features

The towers’ design includes stepped-back architecture to ensure residents have unobstructed views. The buildings will connect to a park under Lake Shore Drive, enhancing the area’s green space.

Historical Context

The original Spire project, designed by Santiago Calatrava, was halted due to financial issues during the recession post-2007. The hole left behind became a symbol of stalled development in Chicago.

Impact on Skyline

If both towers are completed, they will enhance Chicago’s iconic skyline, particularly alongside existing architectural landmarks like Lake Point Tower and the structures in Lakeshore East.


The new development on the former Chicago Spire site represents a significant step forward for the city’s architectural and urban development, promising to transform a long-standing eyesore into a valuable asset for the city.

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