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Coastal Town Hastings Faces Housing Crisis Amid Rising Demand (Video)


Hastings, a coastal town, is grappling with a housing crisis exacerbated by an influx of new residents post-pandemic. This situation has led to soaring property prices and a significant increase in the number of households requiring temporary accommodation.

Rising Housing Pressure

Since the pandemic, Hastings has become a popular relocation destination for Londoners. This migration has dramatically increased property prices and reduced the availability of housing. In just four years, the number of households in temporary accommodation has surged from 78 to 570, costing the council £5 million annually out of their £12 million budget.

Community Efforts

Jess Steele, who runs a local group, is working to mitigate the crisis. Her team renovates derelict buildings to create community hubs with affordable flats. This model aims to provide long-term solutions rather than temporary fixes by capping rents and converting unused spaces into livable homes.

Personal Impact

Adam, a resident benefiting from this initiative, shared his positive experience. He emphasized the importance of stable housing for his mental and physical health, highlighting the personal significance of such community efforts.

Political Landscape

Hastings is a marginal seat with a history of political shifts. The upcoming election sees the Labour Party 20 points ahead of the Conservatives in the Sea Wall area, according to exclusive polling for Channel 4 News. Local residents express a range of political views, with many highlighting homelessness and the high cost of living as critical issues.

Public Sentiment

Residents of Hastings express a desire for substantial change and inventive solutions from political parties. Many feel that current campaigns overlook the pressing issue of housing, which remains a persistent challenge in the town.


The housing crisis in Hastings calls for urgent attention and innovative solutions from both local and national leaders. As the general election approaches, the town’s residents hope for concrete actions to address their housing concerns.

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