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Cold Case Reignited: Music Producer Killed (video)

On a quiet September evening in 2009, Kevin Harris, a 21-year-old emerging music producer, was shot multiple times while sitting alone in his car in Inglewood, California.

Kevin Harris
Cold Case Reignited: Music Producer Killed (video) 2

This tragic incident took place near Los Angeles International Airport and has remained unsolved despite years of investigation and public interest.

Details of the Incident

Kevin was in his green Camaro when he was ambushed with 10 to 17 shots fired from two different handguns.

The attack was not only brutal but also pointed to a premeditated murder. The time of the shooting was shortly after 8:00 p.m., a detail that has puzzled investigators and family members alike.

Investigation Efforts

Kevin’s father, Kevin Harris Senior, has been at the forefront of advocating for his son’s case, pushing for continued investigation.

In 2017, Desmond Carter, a local rapper and the last known person supposed to meet Kevin that night, was arrested but not charged due to a lack of evidence. Nevertheless, he remains a suspect.

The case saw renewed attention when the FBI intervened, providing new investigative avenues.

However, the lack of physical evidence such as DNA has made progress challenging. The authorities continue to work tirelessly, searching for that crucial piece of information that could solve the murder.

Impact on the Family

The aftermath of Kevin’s death has been devastating for his family. His parents’ 23-year marriage dissolved under the strain of their grief.

They have remained committed to finding justice, with Kevin’s father particularly vocal and active in raising awareness and seeking answers.

Current Status of the Case

Despite the years that have passed, the murder of Kevin Harris remains an active case. Both local police and the FBI are involved, hoping that new information will eventually lead to solving this cold case.

Kevin’s parents continue to appeal to the public for any information that might bring closure to their son’s tragic story.


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