Controversial Judge Arrested for Nightclub Battery: Shocking Details (Video)

Incident Details

Judge Christina Peterson of the Douglas County Probate Court was arrested outside the Red Martini Lounge in Buckhead. The arrest was related to charges of simple battery against a police officer and felony willful obstruction of law enforcement by threats and violence. The incident occurred at a nightclub in Buckhead, Atlanta.

Previous Investigations

Prior to this incident, Judge Peterson was involved in another investigation that got her in trouble with a state panel. She was previously accused of violating courtroom security protocols and disrupting court operations.

Community Reactions

Judge Peterson’s neighbors had mixed reactions to her arrest. Some were caught off guard by the news, while others believed she must have had a reason for her actions. Neighbors who preferred to remain anonymous shared differing stories about her conduct, particularly during her tenure as the president of the Homeowners Association, where she faced litigation issues.

Legal Actions and Statements

Judge Peterson, who was recently involved in a $70,000 settlement regarding the Homeowners Association, allegedly did not distribute the settlement money to the plaintiffs as promised. This led to further discontent among the involved parties.

Upcoming Press Conference

Judge Peterson plans to hold a press conference at 2:00 PM tomorrow alongside her attorney to address the charges and tell her side of the story. Despite the ongoing legal battles, she lost her reelection bid and has limited time left on the bench.


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