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Controversy Erupts Over Trump’s Latest Racist Outburst! (video)

Donald Trump recently made headlines with controversial remarks directed at a Hispanic judge overseeing his case.

Controversy Erupts Over Trump's Latest Racist Outburst!

During a public statement, Trump emphasized the judge’s ethnic background and origin, suggesting that the judge harbors bias against him due to his Hispanic heritage. This incident occurred after a court session where Trump faced undisclosed charges.

Trump’s Comments on Judge’s Background

Trump questioned the impartiality of the judge by highlighting his Colombian heritage. He remarked, “Look at him and take a look at where he comes from,” implying that the judge’s background influenced his judicial decisions.

These comments have sparked widespread accusations of racism and xenophobia, as they directly linked the judge’s ethnicity to his professional conduct.

Public and Media Reaction

The reaction to Trump’s remarks has been intense among the public and media. Some commentators have labeled the comments as openly racist and xenophobic.

The incident has also reignited discussions about Trump’s history of controversial remarks regarding race and ethnicity. Despite the significant backlash, some of Trump’s defenders have dismissed the accusations of racism.

Trump’s Historical Context of Similar Remarks

This is not the first time Trump has made such remarks. He previously faced criticism for questioning the impartiality of a Mexican-American judge in another case.

Trump’s pattern of questioning judges based on their ethnic backgrounds has been a recurring theme in his public statements, which many view as a strategy to undermine the judicial process.

Trump’s Broader Statements on Race and Employment

In the same series of statements, Trump attempted to deflect accusations of xenophobia by referencing his employment of Hispanic individuals at his properties, such as Mar-a-Lago.

However, critics argue that employing individuals from diverse backgrounds does not absolve someone of harboring xenophobic or racist attitudes.


The controversy surrounding Donald Trump’s remarks against the Hispanic judge continues to fuel debates over racism and the influence of personal biases in the judiciary. The incident highlights ongoing concerns about the intersection of race, ethnicity, and justice in America.


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