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Woman Leaves Keys in Car, Stunned When Car is Stolen? (video)

Auburn, a city previously known for its serene neighborhoods, is now witnessing a troubling rise in car thefts.

Teen Steals Car in Quiet Auburn Neighborhood!

In 2023, the city recorded over 1,500 stolen vehicles. The trend continues in the current year with 451 car thefts reported so far.

This escalating problem highlights a significant public safety issue, as stolen cars often facilitate further criminal activities across city boundaries.

Victim’s Shocking Experience

Kaden Dera, a resident of Auburn, recently became a victim of this car theft epidemic. Her experience sheds light on the growing problem and the emotional turmoil it causes.

Kaden’s car was stolen while it was parked outside her home, despite the area’s perceived safety. The theft occurred overnight, with home security footage capturing a teenager entering her unlocked Mazda and driving away. The keys were mistakenly left inside the vehicle.

Impact on Victims

The emotional impact of car theft on victims is profound. Kaden describes feeling violated, restless, and irritable due to the theft. The sense of security once felt by residents like Kaden is now overshadowed by fear and frustration.

This emotional distress is compounded by the financial implications, as insurance policies often require a waiting period before acknowledging a car as stolen, leaving victims in a precarious position.

Law Enforcement’s Response

The Auburn police department acknowledges the severity of the car theft issue. They have received numerous reports and continue to urge residents to take preventive measures, such as locking their cars and never leaving keys inside.

However, despite their efforts, the rapid rate at which these thefts occur makes it challenging to track down the perpetrators and recover the stolen vehicles.

Community Response and Safety Tips

In response to the rising incidents, the community is called to be more vigilant. The local police remind everyone to secure their vehicles by locking doors and removing keys.

Additionally, residents are encouraged to use car tracking systems and report any suspicious activities immediately. These steps are crucial in deterring theft and aiding police in quick recovery of stolen property.


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