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Cricket Announces New Music and Artist Commentary in July on Muve Music


ricket Communications today announced its Muve Music featured artists for the month of July. As part of its Monthly Artist Programs, Muve Music customers can access new music from Muve Headliner Artist Wale, Muve Headliner Artist Ciara, and Muve First Artist Jillette Johnson . In addition to instant access to new music, Muve Music customers can enter to win commemorative prizes from Wale and Ciara by downloading tracks from their new albums.

To create a more personal experience for her fans on Muve Music, Jillette Johnson recorded commentary about her inspiration for her debut album, Water in a Whale. Muve Headliner Artist Wale and MMG/Atlantic worked closely with Muve Music to launch Wale’s album The Gifted, available now on Muve Music and everywhere. Download Wale’s songs “Bad” and “Love Hate Thing” or any song from The Gifted before July 31, 2013 to be entered to win a personal phone call from Wale himself.

Check out MyCricket. com for more information about the contest. Muve Headliner Artist Ciara and Epic Records joined forces with Muve Music to launch Ciara’s new self-titled album, Ciara, available on Muve Music and in wide release starting July 9.

Muve Music customers can download tracks from Ciara such as “Body Party” and “I’m Out Feat. Nicki Minaj” or any song from Ciara before July 22, 2013 to be entered to win a prize pack from Ciara including signed CDs, posters, tee shirts and other prizes. Check out MyCricket.

com for more information about the contest. Muve First Artist Jillette Johnson and Wind-up Records teamed up with Muve Music to launch her first studio album Water in a Whale, available now on Muve Music and also in wide release. Also on Muve Music starting July 2, Jillette Johnson recorded special commentary about her album and inspiration for songs like “Cameron” and “Torpedo.

“”I met the lovely people at Muve Music a couple of years ago at South by Southwest in Austin, and, since then, they’ve become my allies and my friends. I’m very lucky to have them on my side. If you’re a new artist, pay attention to the relationships you build along the way.

Real, passionate people make all the difference,” said Jillette Johnson. “We are very excited that Jillette Johnson was selected by Muve Music for their Muve First program in July,” said Christopher Graham, vice president of Digital Strategy & Sales for Wind-up Records. Muve Music has been an important partner to us for all of our releases and their excitement over Jillette’s debut album and her songwriting talent is a testament to their success.


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