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Squatter Displaces Disabled Heir (video)

In Lakewood, a neighborhood conflict has escalated into a public dispute over the rightful ownership of a 102-year-old house valued at nearly half a million dollars.

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Squatter Displaces Disabled Heir (video) 2

The controversy began after the original homeowner died without leaving a will, sparking a legal battle over his property.

Background of the Property and Legal Heirs

Located just west of Sheridan Boulevard, this historic house has been caught in a legal dilemma since the homeowner’s death last year.

The potential legal heir is the homeowner’s granddaughter, a vulnerable adult with developmental disabilities, currently residing in a specialized facility. She is presumed to lack the mental capacity to manage property decisions effectively.

Accusations Against Mecca Bey

Mecca Bey, who resides in the disputed property, faces accusations of squatting.

Bey, who has a felony record for theft, claims she has a verbal agreement with the granddaughter allowing her to live rent-free while she makes improvements to the house with the understanding that she would eventually purchase it.

Despite investing over $200,000 in renovations, Bey admits to not having a formal written lease.

Legal Insights on Verbal Leases

According to legal experts, verbal leases are recognized in Colorado but are only valid for less than one year. In cases where no written agreement exists, the credibility of the witnesses becomes crucial in court.

Bey’s criminal history could potentially affect her credibility in any legal proceedings regarding the property.

Current Legal Proceedings and Future Implications

The Jefferson County court system has intervened by appointing a special administrator to resolve the property’s ownership.

This involves hiring a company specializing in locating rightful heirs, which could significantly impact the outcome of this property dispute.


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