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Squatter Scene: Gang-Related Murder Takes Place at Vacant Home (video)

On a recent evening in Rowland Heights, a tragic event unfolded when a local man was fatally shot. This incident occurred in a neighborhood where residents have reported an increase in violence.

Shocking Murder in Rowland Heights: Gang Violence Suspected!

The shooting took place at a residence previously marked by disturbances and suspected squatting activities.

Background of the Crime Scene

The house where the shooting occurred has been problematic, with neighbors expressing concerns about squatters. Local residents noted the presence of individuals who were not friendly and uncooperative with community efforts to maintain peace.

Following the incident, the house was yellow-tagged by authorities, indicating significant issues with the property. Debris and personal items such as mattresses and beer bottles were found outside the home.

The Shooting Details

Authorities reported that the victim, identified as a gang member, was killed at a home that appeared vacant but was used by gang members as a squat.

The Rowland Heights community is now dealing with the aftermath of this violence, which also resulted in property damage, including a bullet piercing a nearby resident’s window.

Law Enforcement and Community Response

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has been actively involved, responding to multiple calls to the residence prior to the shooting. The investigation is ongoing, with law enforcement following up on leads and seeking assistance from the public.

They are requesting any surveillance footage or eyewitness accounts that could aid in capturing the suspect.

Historical Significance of the Location

Interestingly, the house involved has a notable history. It once belonged to a singer from the popular rock band Los Lobos, adding a layer of historical intrigue to the location.

Over the years, the house has seen various occupants and has been linked to other criminal activities.

Call to Action

In response to the shooting, authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward. The community is on high alert, and there is a concerted effort to resolve the crime and restore safety to the neighborhood.


The shooting in Rowland Heights is a stark reminder of the challenges facing some communities in dealing with crime and violence. As the investigation continues, the community hopes for justice and a return to peace.


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