Douglas County Judge Arrested in Atlanta (Video)

Judge Christina Peterson Arrested

Douglas County Probate Judge Christina Peterson was arrested in Atlanta. The Atlanta Police Department (APD) released details of the incident that led to her arrest.

Incident at Red Martini Restaurant and Lounge

The incident occurred at the Red Martini Restaurant and Lounge on Thursday morning. Judge Peterson attempted to assist security in escorting a woman out of the establishment. During the process, Peterson allegedly struck an officer with a closed fist.

Charges Against Peterson

Peterson faces charges of felony obstruction and simple battery of a police officer. The officer involved was working an approved extra job at the time of the incident.

Refusal to Provide Name

In the body cam video released by APD, Peterson appears to refuse to provide her name to the officers on several occasions.

Defense and Witness Testimony

Peterson’s lawyer stated that she was trying to help Alexandria Love, a woman who had been attacked in the line for a food truck. Video from a witness shows Peterson being detained on the ground. A witness testified in her defense, praising Peterson for her assistance.

Call for Further Investigation

Peterson’s attorney is urging police to locate and arrest the man who allegedly attacked Alexandria Love.


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