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Economic Struggles Under Biden: Can America Recover? (video)

In recent times, President Joe Biden has faced increasing scrutiny over his physical and cognitive abilities.

Economic Struggles Under Biden: Can America Recover?

Critics, such as those on “The Ingraham Angle,” argue that Biden’s public appearances demonstrate a noticeable decline. During a visit to a school in Allentown, Biden’s difficulty navigating simple tasks and speaking coherently was prominently highlighted.

Physical and Cognitive Challenges

President Biden’s physical and cognitive challenges have become a point of contention. The show pointed out instances where Biden struggled to complete sentences, particularly when dealing with numbers. This ongoing issue has raised concerns about his ability to handle the demands of the presidency effectively.

Campaign Efforts to Counter Perception

Despite these challenges, the Biden campaign is working to project an image of vigor and resilience. However, these efforts are often met with skepticism.

Critics argue that his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, often steps in to save him during public appearances, further fueling doubts about his capability to lead independently.

The Contrast with Trump’s Leadership Style

In contrast, former President Donald Trump is portrayed as confident and in control. Trump’s straightforward communication style and his focus on addressing issues like immigration and NATO commitments are emphasized as strengths. This juxtaposition aims to highlight the perceived weaknesses in Biden’s leadership.

Biden’s Policies and Their Impact

Biden’s policies, particularly those related to housing and immigration, are also under fire. The administration’s initiatives to promote affordable housing and equity are seen by critics as federal overreach. They argue that these policies could lead to the deterioration of suburban neighborhoods, making them more congested and less safe.

The Economic Angle

Economic issues are another area of concern. High interest rates and inflation, which are partially attributed to Biden’s policies, have made homeownership increasingly difficult for many Americans.

This economic strain is seen as undermining the American dream, particularly for young people who find it hard to afford homes and achieve financial stability.

Squatters and Housing Crisis

The rise in illegal immigration and the housing shortage has led to an increase in squatting incidents. Foreclosed homes are being occupied by squatters, exacerbating the housing crisis. This situation reflects broader issues of law enforcement and property rights under the current administration.

The Call for Change

The narrative calls for a return to strong leadership, suggesting that only a robust approach can navigate the current economic and social challenges. The emphasis is on the need for a leader who prioritizes American interests and works tirelessly for the benefit of the nation.

Public Sentiment and Political Landscape

Public sentiment, as reflected in polls, shows increasing dissatisfaction with the current administration’s handling of economic issues.

The promise of “Build Back Better” is seen as unfulfilled, leading to calls for a change in leadership to restore confidence and stability.


As the political landscape heats up, the contrast between Biden and Trump is sharpened. Critics argue that America needs a leader who can face the challenges head-on without relying on support from others. This perspective is crucial as voters consider their options in the upcoming elections.


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